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Divorce in the Time Of COVID-19


Friday, June 26th, 2020
12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.

COVID-19 has, in some way, affected every person in America and around the world.  For those contemplating divorce, going through divorce, or already divorced but still tied together through dependent children, the global pandemic has brought on new complications and stresses.

There are solutions to these problems. Marjorie Just moderates a panel of five attorneys covering these essential topics:

  1. Marriage Lockdown and Postnuptial Agreements - When You Want to Get Divorced But Cannot Separate During this Time of COVID-19 (presented by Bettina Hindin / New York, NY office)
  2. Distribution of Property - Dividing Investment Accounts in the Time of COVID-19
  3. Modification of Support Due to Sudden Downturn in Income (presented by Marshall Yaap / Bethesda, MD office)
  4. Mediation, Case Evaluation, and Other Ways Courts Are Attempting to Resolve the Backlog of Cases Due to COVID-19 (presented by Shirley Keisler / Tysons, VA office)
  5. Custody/Access - Parent Coordination, A Method of Resolving Custody Issues While the Courts are Restricted (presented by Libby James / Charlotte, NC office)


ATTENDEES MAY REGISTER AND ATTEND ANONYMOUSLY.  No names of attendees will appear during the presentation.  Attendees may register using “John Doe” or other placeholder name to insure anonymity.  Questions submitted by attendees will only be seen by the moderator.

For more information and daily updates on the Coronavirus please visit our Coronavirus Resources Page.


Just, M. bio| 240.507.1700

Marjorie Just is a Principal attorney and Chair of the Family Law Practice Group (North).  Her practice as a family law attorney focuses on the negotiation, settlement, and litigation of complex family law matters in Maryland and the District of Columbia, including issues of property distribution, custody, child support, alimony, same-sex marriage, and domestic partnerships. She prepares family-related agreements such as, pre-marital agreements, separation agreements and reproductive agreements. She is also trained as a family mediator and collaborative lawyer.


Bettina-Hindin-Headshot-1 | 929.476.0044

Bettina D. Hindin is an accomplished and experienced matrimonial litigator, recognized for her skill and expertise in the investigation and analysis of the complex financial issues that arise in matrimonial, domestic relations and LGBT matters. She is an acknowledged expert in the field and has appeared often as a commentator on these issues for MSNBC and CNN.

Ms. Hindin’s experience in handling diverse transactional matters in all areas of domestic relations, LGBT law and family law, including divorce, separation, annulment, maintenance, child support, support modification, custody, visitation, relocation, paternity, equitable distribution, and asset valuation is unparalleled


Marshall-Yaap-Headshot-731x1024 | 240.507.1754

Marshall Yaap represents clients in domestic and international family law matters. His practice focuses on child custody, child support, divorce, property division, alimony, domestic violence cases, and marital and premarital contracts. Before entering private practice, Marshall served as a judicial law clerk at the Superior Court of the District of Columbia for retired Judge Odessa F. Vincent, Magistrate Judge Errol R. Arthur, and retired Magistrate Judge S. Pamela Gray. Prior to law school, Marshall worked for daily newspapers as a reporter and editor.


Shirley-Keisler-Headshot-1-683x1024 | 703.745.1831

Shirley Keisler practices in the areas of state, interstate, and international family law and is highly experienced in guiding clients through separation and divorce using mediation and, if necessary, litigation. Ms. Keisler's primary goal with each client is to achieve a swift and beneficial settlement. She is a seasoned trial attorney and has successfully litigated high conflict custody and visitation proceedings; international and interstate custody and/or divorce cases; complex marital property divisions (equitable distribution cases); child support and spousal support; and family abuse protective order hearings. She is well versed in the unique issues that arise with military and Foreign Service families, and is experienced with the division of pensions and retirement accounts whether for those in the Military, Foreign Service, government, or private sectors or their spouses.


Elizabeth-James-Headshot-1-683x1024 | 704.377.7213

Since 2005, Libby James has dedicated herself to assisting individuals with delicate, personal legal matters. Ms. James practices family law with an emphasis on alimony, post-separation support, equitable distribution, separation agreements, premarital agreements, child support, child custody, contempt motions, qualified domestic relations orders, name changes and domestic violence protective orders and appeals.

Ms. James is a fellow of the AAML (American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers) and is one of only 34 fellows in the state of North Carolina.

In addition to being certified as a family law specialist by the North Carolina State Bar Board of Legal Specialization, Libby is also certified by the Cooperative Parenting Institute as a Parent Coordinator.


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