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Hoco In the Know: Rotary Rocket Pitch, Howard Community College


Fall, 2019 Entrepreneurial Celebration

On December 3rd, I had the pleasure of awarding cash prizes to the top two winners of this event.
The Rotary Club of Columbia Patuxent sponsored the Rotary Rocket Pitch at Howard Community College for students of The Center for Entrepreneurial & Business Excellence. You’ve heard of Shark Tank? Well, Shark Tank has nothing on these students. A panel of judges heard 13 pitches, including business plans, and financial elements, then determined the winners. Those of us in the crowd, and our club was well represented, also voted for a People’s Choice. The winners were Thomas Meyers who pitched Full House, and Julia Leishear who pitched Launder. All of the students’ presentations demonstrated significant thought and ingenuity. Thomas and Julia then came to our club meeting on Friday morning and made their pitches to our members.

I am often asked: “What is Rotary?” My response: “ Good people doing great things.” My response doesn’t begin to tell the story, I know. But, support of this event and of the College help fill in some gaps. We are immersed in our community, with non profits, the college, the library, the hospital, just to name a few. This is just one example of how we support our community with the fundraising we do throughout the year. Now, in fact we are in the midst of our Super Bowl pool, and in April we will hold our Tour de Vines event. The funds that we raise are given to our partners, Community Action Council, Grassroots, and many other non profits in our community. For more information, visit our site at and/or contact me with any questions.