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Executive Alliance

800 women gathered, yes, I said 800, on Tuesday for the Executive Alliance 25th Annual Women of Excellence dinner at Martin’s West.

Beth Comstock, former vice chair and chief marketing officer of General Electric, and author of “Imagine It Forward:  Courage, Creativity, and the Power of Change,” shared the story of her 25- year effort to create change at every level of business.  She is currently a Corporate Director of Nike.  Guests were treated to a copy of her book.

The house was packed, both to hear her speak, and to network and catch up with friends and those with whom we wish to be friends.  800 women in one room was deafening, and the good part is that it was deafening.  Everyone seemed to be engaged with someone else and enjoyed the fellowship.  When it takes several attempts to quiet a crowd, that is a good sign that connections are happening.

Executive Alliance is a Catalyst for Women Leaders in Maryland.  It provides programs, partnerships, mentoring, and enhancement of opportunities for leadership roles.