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Kittleman Famliy Picnic

Who would have thought that it was October 7, given the bright sunshine and the 90-degree heat?!

It was the Kittleman Family Picnic, along with Governor Larry Hogan, celebrating what is good in our county and in our state.

Music, fun for the kids, food, and drink .  .  .  what else could we want on what felt like a hot summer day?  Hundreds gathered at the Kittleman farm, with the pond in the background to celebrate what has been a great 4 years, and to plan for 4 more of the same and even better.  This farm is where Allan lives, where he has raised his family, where he tends to his chores, and spends his time.  He and his family could not be more down home and welcoming.

Jon Weinstein, a Democrat who totally supports our County Executive and Allan, a Republican, have demonstrated how “people before politics” can cause amazing results.  John has endorsed Allan Kittleman for County Executive, despite their different party affiliations.  This mutual respect has come from their abilities to put politics aside, to do what is right.  This is exactly what we need 4 more years of!  Remember to cast your vote on November 6.  Every vote does indeed count.