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Health and Wealth Series

Angie Goodwin Johnson, and Ashley Lazarewicz held their third in a series of talks addressing health and wealth.

Angie, a full-time representative for Mary Kay, and a breast cancer survivor, moderated a panel of experts discussing issues surrounding prevention, detection, and treatment.  The moral to the story:  pay attention to what you see and feel, and do something about it.  Have regular check-ups, and don’t accept a suggestion to “wait and see.”

Ashley, a financial advisor with Merrill Lynch emphasized the importance of having a financial plan.  That plan needs to be in place prior to the occurrence of a major event in your life.  Establish a relationship with a trusted advisor, execute powers of attorney, have a financial plan, meet regularly with your advisor, and chances are that you will better be able to meet untimely and unexpected financial situations.

In addition to the wealth of information that was imparted, Angie and Ashley gathered together a wonderful group of women who were given an opportunity to get to know each other better and to share.  Look for their next event, and put it on your calendar.  It will be well worth the investment.