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Business Women’s Network

The Business Women’s Network of Howard County kicked off its schedule celebrating two of its long-term members, Karen Pitsley and April Force Pardoe.

Karen, the owner of Transforming Architecture, and April, the owner of April Force Pardoe Interiors, have each recently celebrated 10 years in business. They shared with the group, the value of BWN to them, and the attributes that have led to their success. If you don’t ask, it won’t happen; failure is a learning experience; be positive about yourself; know when it’s time to hire help; network where it feels right to do so; pay attention to work/life balance, are just some of the many tips that were shared today.

Our member spotlight was on our 20ish year member Cliff Feldwick, who owns Riverside Computing. He touts his status as a techno-weenie and has helped many in the organization.

Testimonials abound at BWN, as members use members for their various professional needs and referrals.

Success in Style was the featured recipient of donations today, assisted by Bra-la-la, which is collecting bras for breast cancer awareness, then donating to Success in Style, which dresses individuals for job interviews.

The dining room of the lovely Cured/18th and 21st was packed with a talented and engaged audience. The next meeting is on October 17 for a Pop Up Mastermind. Mark your calendars and plan to join us.