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Blossoms of Hope Pretty in Pink Event

Blossoms of Hope sponsored its annual Pretty In Pink Event at Turf Valley. The day took on a pink and lilac theme, as hundreds of women gathered to shop, lunch, and enjoy a fabulous fashion show, all while sipping pink champagne.

There are certain vendors that I am always happy to see, like the lovely Octavia from Cross Keys. That is always my first stop so someone else doesn’t buy what I might want! The amazing thing about the event is that it has become a tradition. My group has gone together for multiple years now, and we see the same people year after year.

The fashions are worn by cancer survivors, and throughout the show, stories are woven of challenges, victories, and strength. For as one who has been devastated by cancer in the loss of My Darling Jim, no one can imagine what it’s like until that wicked diagnosis comes through your door. There is comfort in the strength and the stories of others, as it is a very solitary journey, even with the best of support systems. The Claudia Mayer Center, the beneficiary of the fundraiser, provides services to persons dealing with any kind of cancer. At its helm, is Leslie Rogers Iampieri, who in one of my many dark times listened, gave me advice, and directed me to Gilchrist.

I can tell you from experience, that one never forgets the kindness that comes when crisis invades your life. For everyone you know who is in the battle, know that your outreach matters. Do something, say something, send a card, and don’t be afraid of your own feelings. People often say they can’t deal with such a difficult situation. Well, just imagine how the victim of the tragedy feels. Suck it up and go give them a hug. You get to walk away, they don’t.