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Rotary Club of Columbia Patuxent International Conference in Toronto

The Rotary Club of Columbia Patuxent showed up in force at the International Conference in Toronto last week.

Tens of thousands of Rotarians gathered to celebrate and to inspire each other to do more in our pursuit of “service above self.”

First Lady, Laura Bush spoke about her challenges trying to provide educational experiences for less fortunate children.  She talked about an opportunity for some children to go to Astroworld.  As stops were made to pick up children for the trip, one of them involved a little boy who came to the door in his underwear.  Clearly, his mother was home, and her voice could be heard in the background.  However, she refused to come to the door, and the little boy was consequently left standing in the doorway in his underwear.  Makes one give thanks for mothers who come to the door, so their children can experience things they might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience.

Rotarians have been front and center in the fight to eradicate Polio.  One of the members talked of being present when a polio victim crawled to the place at which he was to have life-altering surgery.  When he arrived at the site, the patient, a child, kissed the shoes of the Rotarian.  When the child’s parents arrived behind him, they dropped to their knees and they too kissed the shoes of the Rotarian.

It’s hard to imagine these situations, except when they are told with such passion and sincerity which allows us to visualize the scene.  I have been a Rotarian for a short time compared to others in my club.  When I am asked:  What is a Rotarian,  I say, it is wonderful people who do wonderful things.  Not a fancy description, but accurate.  One individual good person can do much.  When you multiply that by millions, the possibilities are endless.

Niagara Falls is not far from the site of the convention.  I had never experienced the power and awe of this wonder of the world.  The day was sunny and warm and perfect for the spray and the wind and the sheer power of being on a boat at the falls.  I would go again in a minute.

Castle Loma, which is the largest castle in the Northern Hemisphere, was the location of one of the gatherings for our Club participants.  It was beautiful and amazing yet welcoming at the same time.

Lake Ontario presents lovely sights, especially with a fireworks display dazzling the water below it.

This has become a bit of a travel log, but so be it.  At this stage in my life, to be so moved is something to talk about.

My Rotary Club meets every Friday morning from 7:30 to 8:30 at the Wilde Lake Interfaith Center.  If you’d like to come and see what we’re about, just reach out and let me know.