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Howard County Bar Association

Yesterday, the Howard County Bar Association inducted its new board of directors for the year at Seasons 52 in Columbia.

The board includes my Rotary friend, Kellie Lego.  The Bar Association is in very capable hands!

Judge Lenore Gelfman provided an update regarding the sorely needed new courthouse which will be built on the site of the Dorsey building on Route 108.  After 36 years of trial work in the “historic” courthouses of Howard County, a modern, more user- friendly facility will be most welcome!

When I talk of 36 years ago, as a baby lawyer, I recall the Judges before whom I practiced.  One of them was the Honorable J. Thomas Nissel.  Judge Nissel just passed and I was thinking about the profound impact people make on you when you are new in your career.  I tried a number of heavy duty criminal matters with Judge Nissel in the early days.  He was a thoughtful, disciplined jurist, who I am pleased to have had the opportunity to learn from.  His family and mine had crossed paths many years before, as his children, and my sisters all went to St. Paul’s Catholic School (now known as Resurrection).  Although he retired a number of years ago, I am sorry that he no longer will attend the signature events that cause so many of my retired friends to appear.

Congratulations to each of the members of the Board.  I wish you a successful year as you lead the Bar into another chapter of its existence.