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Business Roundtable

Gary Garofalo, President and CEO of Harkins hosted County Executive Allan Kittleman, President and CEO of the Economic Development Authority, Larry Twele, and about 20 business leaders as the cap off to another successful conclusion of Business Appreciation Week.

For years, Allan Kittleman and other county service providers have spent a week going out to the businesses in our community to discuss their needs and issues.  This year, that round of visits to over 80 businesses was concluded with a roundtable discussion.


Issues that were discussed included the ability of businesses in the county to know of new businesses coming into the area, the move of some businesses out of MCE located at the Dorsey building to work toward the demolition of that building to make room for the new courthouse, the new courthouse (in which I have an obvious personal interest), workforce development for the trades, the development of the Route 1 corridor, Ellicott City’s recovery and its future development, and the attraction of foreign business.  In his classic manner, Allan listened and exchanged ideas with the business leaders in the room.  Once again, I am amazed at the accessibility of the leaders we have, and the willingness to listen and to engage.