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Business Women’s Network

After being canceled once again due to snow, the Business Women’s Network of Howard County held its April meeting at Eggspectation.

Everyone thinks they know something about cybersecurity, but I doubt that they’ve thought about it in the terms advanced by Ananta Hejeebu, the founder of Howard Tech Advisors.  Quite simply put, it’s security versus convenience.  The more secure, the less convenient.  The more convenient, the less secure.  Just think about passwords, how many characters are necessary, and the frequency with which they need to be changed.  Not necessarily the most convenient, but more secure.

He talked about how phishing can get the most sophisticated users.  A surprise to some is that the most serious threats come from within, not from without.  For instance, an email address that looks “almost” like the real thing is opened by an employee.  A letter is missing, or a word is misspelled, but when you look at it quickly you don’t notice.  Click on it, and you’ve been compromised!  An employee who is unhappy knows how your system works.

I will never know what an expert like Ananta knows, but my takeaway is to recognize what you don’t know, and hire an expert like him to secure your system and to train your people to be aware.

Offit Kurman, where I am a principal attorney, has amazing systems that really do work.  We are tested with phishing emails, and are regularly required to change passwords.  And, there are many things behind the scenes of which I am unaware.

Come join us at the Business Women’s Network of Howard County.  You won’t regret it!