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School Superintendent Michael Martirano Spoke to the Columbia Patuxent Rotary Club

School Superintendent Michael Martirano spoke to the Columbia Patuxent Rotary Club this month about the work he is doing with our school system.

Given what had just occurred in Florida, safety was front and center on his mind and the minds of the Rotarians in attendance.  He has assembled a group of expert advisors to assist with his mission to keep our students safe, and in fact, was surveying levels of security at the schools when Florida occurred.  He found that procedures varied from school to school, and that not all doors were locked.

His approach includes stricter sign-in procedures and locked doors, enhanced active shooter training for staff and students, and increased mental health support for students.  Police resource officers in all middle schools is also a goal.

He refers to the thousands of students for whom he is responsible as “my kids.”  His dedication and sincerity about this issue are impressive.