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State of the County

County Executive Allan Kittleman addressed almost 500 guests at his fourth State of the County Address, hosted by the Howard County Chamber.  Turf Valley was full of energy as the crowd gathered.

Jeff Agnor, the Chair of the Chamber’s Board of Directors, introduced Allan with the grace and class we have come to know from Jeff.

Front and center for our County, are the efforts related to the Opioid Crisis, the Gateway Innovation District, and the overriding theme that with the values we share in Howard County, we can accomplish anything.

I was privileged to be seated at the head table with the County Executive, his family, and School Superintendent Mike Martirano.

It is such a wonderful experience to have leaders who are so accessible to us.  A conversation with our County Executive, the School Superintendent, Police Chief, County Council, and other powerful leaders in our community, is amazingly simple.  Although I have grown up in Howard County, and this is all I know, I hear from others that access to the administration in other jurisdictions is not a given.  The State of our County, led by a real, sincere, down to earth Allan Kittleman, sets the tone for the rest of the leadership.  It starts at the top, and Allan is a wonderful example of how to lead by example.

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