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Ease Technologies Celebrates 25 Years

Ease Technologies celebrated 25 years of doing business in Howard County.  The founder and CEO, Chuck Bubeck, has grown the business for 25 years, to over 50 employees.  He has done so by providing excellent products, and exceptional customer service.

County Executive Allan Kittleman was on hand to read and deliver a proclamation thanking Ease for being an enduring presence in the community, and for the assistance it provides to the county.  Larry Twele, President & CEO of the Howard County Economic Development Authority was present to remind us that it is the businesses like Ease which endure and which keep our economy healthy.

I get to tell a “remember when” story in connection with this celebration.  I knew Chuck 40ish years ago when he worked at the Hecht Company at the mall as a security guard, and I was a salesperson in the men’s department.  We were part of a group of young kids going to school and working.  As we all went off to college, and to law school for me, we lost touch.  Fast forward 40ish years, and I am a student in a Leadership Howard County class, on Business Day.  Chuck walked in and we reconnected.  For the 3 or so years since then, we have co-chaired the Business Day for Leadership, and regularly see each other in professional and networking settings.  Just goes to show  .  .  .  the world is so small, and we do stay connected!

Congratulations to Ease Technologies for an amazing 25 years, and best wishes for another healthy, happy, prosperous 25!!