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Ever heard the use of the term “Watson?”

I have, in the eerie artificial intelligence realm.  But the truth is, he is real!!

Leadership Howard County hosted its annual luncheon at Turf Valley on Friday, and the guest was an AI true believer.

He shared with us that AI is already well in use in our everyday lives, used by companies to look at our preferences and send us emails, and to handle customer service inquiries, to name a few.  It is the sorting capability, and the ability to put words and phrases into context that makes the service valuable.

But, in order to do this sorting,  one needs data.  So, the prediction is, that data is king.  Knowing that, should we share our DNA with these ancestry companies for which you sign away all of your rights??  Worth a second thought before you do so.

The talk ended with many questions and concerns about our privacy and use of our information.

But, it really ended with the fellowship and enjoyment we have come to expect from our experiences with our Leadership Howard County graduates.  It is a big, dynamic, and enduring club helping to build relationships that will last forever.

Recruitment is underway, so check out Leadership Howard County, for its Premier and its Leadership U programs.