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Kittleman Business Breakfast

Allan Kittleman held his 7th annual Business Breakfast last week at the Glory Days Restaurant in Ellicott City.  The snow, wind, and the cold did not deter.

Cynthia and Ron Gula were the featured speakers who talked about Cybersecurity and our county.  It is amazing how cyber permeates each and every crevice of business in our county, and even our personal cell phones.  Howard County is a hotbed for the ecosystem surrounding cyber.  Cyber comes, and with it, the need for attorneys, accountants, real estate, workforce, food, housing, hospitality, and every other industry you can think of.

With our Gateway Innovation District, we are truly elevating our footprint in the cyber world.

Our County Executive is dedicated to nurturing the industry and what it can do for the county.  He is also reaching out to other countries, Italy most recently, to entice industry to the county, while holding as a highest priority, the continued support of the business that already call Howard County Home.

I am so very thankful that we have such smart people like Cyndi and Ron in our community, who give so generously of the time, expertise, and support.