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Hudson Coastal

What is the best new restaurant in Howard County??  According to the Baltimore Sun, it is Hudson Coastal located in Maple Lawn!  Tricia and Brad Hudson opened their restaurant last year, and so very quickly have reached the top of the heap!  They also received honorable mention for the ambiance they provide.

Having dined at Hudson Coastal, and having met the Hudsons, they are more than just a new restaurant in our town.  They believe in participating in, and giving back to the community.  Offit Kurman has hosted a number of events in their private dining room, which is lovely.

Fresh catch is their stock in trade, and boards on the wall tell you from which east coast region your meal has come.  Finish off your meal with a selection of Swedish fish in the bowl as you leave.

If you haven’t been there yet, now is a great time to visit the Hudsons, and enjoy their fare.