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New Wave Technologies


There are nuggets of greatness everywhere in Howard County.  This week I found one of them.  The Howard Tech Council had its monthly networking event, hosted by New Wave Technologies located in Elkridge.

The President and CEO, Patrick Munis talked about the company’s capabilities, and its focus on Healthcare IT.  He also shared the challenges they face in finding the workforce they need, which seems to be a common theme with businesses in the county.  At present, New Wave employs approximately 200 people, with offices locally, and out west.

As I was working my way to New Wave on Meadowridge Road, I made a premature turn, and found myself in a beautiful business park area.

I grew up in the county, and I’m out and about quite a bit.  But I am so often amazed at the wonderful business things that are happening that escaped my view.  So, take a ride down the Route 1 corridor, and Meadowridge Road sometime, and see the great things that are happening with businesses in our community.