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At the top of most seller’s list of important items (after purchase price) is how a transaction will impact the seller’s employees. After all, ownership aside, the employees are generally one of the major drivers of business success (see the article below on the combination of Amazon and Whole Foods). Yet it is the employees, HR and business integration (or lack thereof) that many times spell disaster for a business acquisition. Why? Many times too many efforts during a transaction focus on business, numbers and finances. Not enough time is spent at the front end understanding the interaction between the business and its people and how to integrate the same with the buyer and its business. I’ve handled many business combinations over the years. I’ve only encountered one instance where a buyer initiated its integration plan along side of its acquisition plan so that while the parties were working through the purchase and sale, the buyer was likewise working through integration matters. Something to consider when the human capital of business is so valuable.


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