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Office of Tourism’s Visit Howard County Annual Meeting

I had the opportunity to be on stage again at Merriweather last week.  Not as a performer of course (though I wish I could sing), but as a guest at the Office of Tourism’s Visit Howard County Annual Meeting.

The night was warm and muggy, and the attraction of the private pool for the talent was almost too much to resist.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to see the massive improvements made to Merriweather, you should.  The stage is new, the ceiling is higher, there are private rooms, showers, seating areas, food areas, and, oh yes, the pool for the talent.  I was backstage several years ago before the renovation and it was like night compared to the day it is now.  We have always attracted top notch talent, but now, who knows!  Jean Parker, the manager of Merriweather, should be pleased and proud of her many accomplishments which have elevated the quality of our very unique venue.

Tourism, as you know, as just concluded a new study about the demographics of who comes, why they come, how they spend their money, and much more.  Take a look at the study online, especially if you are a business owner or service provider in the county, to see how you can best utilize the information.