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Rotary Club of Columbia Patuxent “Motel Boxes”

On Friday, July 14, the Rotary Club of Columbia Patuxent, of which I am the vice-president, packed motel boxes to benefit Grassroots.  To those who do not know, we have a wonderful resource in the county known as Grassroots.  They provide support to those in need, to include temporary shelter, sometimes in motels.  When someone needs that service, often they have needs in other areas as well.  The motel boxes are intended to give them necessary food and supplies to get them over the hump.  Generous financial donations from the Columbia Patuxent Club, and from additional donations of food and other sought out items, make it possible to pack approximately 25 boxes for Grassroots.

When I first joined Rotary, I was frequently asked what it is.  The short answer is that it is wonderful generous people doing great things.  Our motto is:  Service Above Self.  Motel boxes are just one example of the words we live by.

Reach out to me if you are interested in joining, and I will be happy to introduce you to our Club.