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Ownership in Real Estate: Don’t Be Surprised

From the Desk of Herb

Purchasing real estate can be one of the most significant financial transactions in your life. Therefore, you should take care in the legal implications of the manner in which the property is titled under the deed you receive at closing from the seller. Some deeds state one of the various types of joint ownership such as: joint tenants, joint tenants with rights of survivorship, tenants in common, tenants by the entirety, husband and wife, partners, etc. Whether the deed states nothing at all or otherwise designates the type of ownership, you or your heirs could be surprised by the result.

Consider two cousins who purchased an office building in a deed titled Bob Smith and Steve Smith, which later in the deed states they are “joint tenants”.

Bob dies several years later.  Under the state law where the property is located, Bob’s wife (Jane) was shocked to realize that Steve inherited Bob’s interest in the office building. Jane knew that  Bob had prepared his will leaving his interest in the office building to Jane.  Bob told his estate planning lawyer that he had purchased the building with his cousin as partners. Bob was wrong.

Even though the deed did not mention the concept of “with rights of survivorship” in favor of the surviving co-owner, state law implies survivorship rights in a “joint tenants” ownership designation. Because the property passed by operation of law to Steve as the surviving owner, Bob’s will had no control over the disposition of Bob’s interest in the property and as a matter of law, Bob selected an ownership arrangement with his cousin Steve as his beneficiary, not his family.

You need to get legal advice on how you should title your ownership in real estate and other assets.  If it is titled wrong, you can change it. So it is not too late to look at your real estate holdings, brokerage and bank accounts, automobiles and other “titled” assets.  Almost all deeds are readily available online. We would be glad to help you in any review.


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