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Governor’s Lunch June 2017

On Monday, June 5th, the BWI Marriott was the site for a gathering of more than 700 people for the MBRG Lunch with Governor Hogan.  It was the Governor’s 3rd Annual State of Business Address.

Howard County was well represented by the County Executive and his office, Economic Development, Chamber of Commerce, local business, and me.

There can be no question that Maryland is Open for Business in this Governor’s administration.  He spoke of jobs, infrastructure, transportation, the bay, public safety, and education.

Mike Gill, our Secretary of Commerce, spoke with his traditional enthusiasm about the business state of affairs in Maryland.

I left feeling so very fortunate that we have Governor Hogan, and that he is motivated only by what is good for the citizens and our State.  One has no sense that there is any motive behind his tireless efforts than the betterment of “us.”