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Annual Vino Scholastico Event at Howard Community College

Last Friday night, Howard Community College hosted its annual Vino Scholastico event.  Going to class never felt this good!  Before entering the building, guests were handed their wine glasses on a lovely spring evening.  Hundreds of participants were greeted by classical music, delights from the Culinary School, classrooms full of wine tastings with fabulous food pairings.

Once could wander for hours, and continue to see different people, and experience different food and wine throughout the night.

I couldn’t help but notice how far the college has progressed under the leadership of President Kate Hetherington.

I have had the pleasure of growing up in Howard County, and I recall when the college was a one building operation.  Now, it is sprawling and beautiful.  That’s on the outside.  On the inside it is recognized as a top educational institution, with new buildings and offerings occurring on a regular basis.

If you have not attended this event in the past, I highly recommend that it be on your calendar in the future.