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Allan Kittleman Fundraiser

Last night I hosted a fundraiser for our County Executive, Allan Kittleman. I did so because of my belief that we will be best served by continuing to have Allan lead our county. I have come to know him as a sincere, down to earth individual, who is always available to listen and share. He has had some extraordinary challenges during his tenure, which he has handled with finesse and empathy.

John Corso, the President of Coastal Sunbelt, graciously allowed us the use of his wonderful space, and provided the freshest fruits and vegetables.  The venue was superb, and offered the opportunity to watch part of his operation as workers cut and packaged their products.

Generous sponsors included John Wafer and Laura Kittleman, to whom I give thanks for supporting Allan.

Each and every person who attended is important, and I am thankful for their generous participation. Each one had the opportunity to meet and talk with Allan, and to network with each other.

We live in an amazing community, occupied by even more amazing people. My suggestion:  get out, get involved, and get to know who shares your space!