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Business Women’s Network of Howard County March Meeting

The Business Women’s Network of Howard County held its monthly meeting today, one week later than ususal,  given our mid March snow event last week.

Faith Wachter of Faith Wachter Consulting, talked about the basics of Facebook and how we can all help each other improve our profiles by posting and liking.

The rest of the luncheon, with the theme “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, sponsored by April Force Pardoe of April Force Pardoe Interiors, was devoted to networking and to mini mastermind conversations concerning how to demonstrate the value of our service, considerations in firing and hiring, marketing tips, how to distinguish ourselves from others in our industry, and knowing when to cut a client loose.

As always, the group generates a buzz among women who really have significant relationships with each other, which have developed over time.  Those relationships lead to testimonials about doing business with other members.

What a group!