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The article below on changing the mindset from employee to owner got me thinking about recent situations with employees and equity. Many employees use the term “sweat equity” as a justification for their right to a stake in the business. I find the sweat equity argument not persuasive. Every business owner that I represent compensates their employees fairly and fully. In turn, the employees work hard and do good work. As a result, the relationship works and the business proceeds. However, for an employee to move to ownership/equity, the employee must change his or her mindset from that of a self-reflecting viewpoint to a firm viewpoint. Equity is not usually something that is earned through hard work alone. Equity and the partnership that comes along with such requires the participants to have a meeting of the minds in multiple areas.


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The Entrepreneur’s 5 Pillars of Success
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Middle Market M&A: 2016 And Where We Are At Right Now
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