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Business Women’s Network of Howard County 1/18/17



On January 18, I joined Nicki Sanders of Packaged for Success, and Lisa Shuster of WorkMoreHuman, at the Business Women’s Network of Howard County monthly luncheon for a panel discussion on How to Attract & Retain Top Talent to Grow Your Business.  While Nicki and Lisa are industry professionals, I was able to talk about implementation of strategies while running my own business for 25 years.  Some takeaways:  Have a good job description; Be honest with yourself about your needs:  intern, part time, full time, employee, consultant, etc; Consider the fit of the prospective hire with the rest of your staff; Nitch job boards may provide promising leads.    As the immediate Past President of the Business Women’s Network of Howard County, I commend you to check out one of their meetings where you will meet an amazing group of women with diverse business backgrounds.