Baltimore's Oldest Family Businesses

 – Associate Editor, Baltimore Business Journal said it best in her article in the Baltimore Business Journal on the oldest family businesses in Baltimore when she wrote;

For most people, the phrase “family-owned business” brings up a very specific set of images. They often think of quaint mom-and-pop stores, restaurants offering up recipes passed down through generations and old school craftsmen who have mastered their trade.

But implicit in these stereotypes too is the idea that family-owned businesses are less sophisticated, less impactful and generally smaller than “regular” businesses. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Offit Kurman had the privilege of sitting down with five of the 60 oldest family businesses in Baltimore to hear their incredible founding history and story of sustainable business practices for many over 100 years and in the case of McComas Funeral home over 200 years.

At Offit Kurman, we recognize and value of the family businesses to the local economy and understand well the challenges that family businesses overcome from generation to generation.  We hope you take a minute to hear their stories and acknowledge their achievements.  We sure do.  To learn more about how Offit Kurman helps family businesses navigate difficult business issues click here.

This year’s honorees were celebrated at a dinner event at the Assembly Room on March 28, along with the companies on our Oldest Family-Owned Businesses List.

Some of Baltimore's Oldest Family Businesses