Did You Reimburse Aetna or Rawlings
for Medical Expenses? Contact Us To Learn About Recovering That Money!

It’s possible that people who are covered by Aetna and received an award or settlement for a personal injury matter may have paid Aetna or its collection agent, Rawlings, for reimbursements unnecessarily or unknowingly.

Our attorneys are accepting clients to join in the putative class action lawsuit against Aetna and Rawlings that seeks to recover monies that Aetna/Rawlings recouped from personal injury awards on account of medical benefit insurance payments.  The amounts in question would have been paid by attorneys for the insureds to Aetna or its agent Rawlings out of personal injury recoveries on behalf of the insured persons.

The class action is based on New Jersey anti-subrogation regulations that prohibit claims for reimbursement for medical benefits out of recoveries in personal injury claims.

Insureds and their attorneys may have a right to recover payments they remitted to Aetna or Rawlings out of settlements or judgments with third parties. These payments may have totaled thousands of dollars.

Do I qualify for reimbursement?
If you are employed in the state of New Jersey and insured through Aetna, you may qualify should you or your family member have received compensation through an award or settlement for a personal injury claim, and either knowingly or unknowingly paid a reimbursement to Aetna or Rawlings.

Was my case recent enough?
There is no limitation on how long ago this payment to Aetna or Rawlings was made. Even if your personal injury matter was years ago, you may still qualify for the case.

Would my attorney have known?
It is possible that your attorney may have facilitated the reimbursement without knowledge of your rights under the law.

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